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Beach to Beach is a community project run by volunteers. They are joining together to make a community vision become a reality. Everyone is welcome to get involved and there are many avenues to do so.



The Camden Haven Beach to Beach Riverwalk is a community uniting project to establish a riverside pathway/cyclepath that links Pilot Beach in Dunbogan along the Camden Haven river’s edge to North Haven beach.

5.5km of new footpath is proposed to make an 11km Beach to Beach circuit that will link the three towns of North Haven, Laurieton and Dunbogan. With the backdrop of North Brother Mountain, the Camden Haven River, North Haven, Pilot and Washhouse beach, and the unique estuarine and rainforest environments… the Riverwalk will be one of the most picturesque walking and cycling trails within NSW and Australia.

The length of the Riverwalk will be dotted with a variety of community built installations that Activate, Educate, Communicate and Inspire the locals and visitors to the Camden Haven.

The installations will consist of a range of unique sculptural structures that will engage the users to convey the unique stories of the Camden Haven area. Through signage, sculpture, public artwork, images, and interpretive ‘Internet’ tour information points, the valuable narratives of Camden Haven’s history, environment, plants and animals, and Aboriginal Heritage can be displayed.

Installations will include a variety of exercise apparatus that will enable users to perform a range of body movements from simple stretches to a full fitness workout. Signage or QR codes for mobile phones can be used to give typical exercise and health information. Fittings and fixtures such as water filling stations, bicycle racks, doggie ‘doo’ bag stations and public seating will all add to the community amenity.

The new footpath/cyclepath intends to solve a significant safety problem of over 20 years, by providing a pathway solution that reduces pedestrian risk. The Riverwalk will also reduce local vehicular use and will encourage benefits in community health via reductions in obesity, improved mental & physical health and improved community interaction.

A program of weed removal and revegetation work will be conducted that will improve the direct natural environment surrounding the Riverwalk. Mangrove areas and littoral rainforest will be sensitively traversed with boardwalks and pathways that include educational signage about the importance of these ecosystems.

The flow-on effect to economic prosperity in the Camden Haven will be widespread. A more active and outgoing community will drive more people into businesses and the increase of nature based and cycle tourism to the region will drive a more robust local economy. This will improve the success of local business, resulting in improved employment opportunities, strengthened job security and greater opportunities for entrepreneurial initiatives.

The community collaborations and benefits that will result from the creation of the Camden Haven Beach to Beach Riverwalk are immense. The project has been widely accepted by the Camden Haven public. Hundreds have attended public meetings to support the concept and a group of over 60 skilled volunteers from a diverse cross-section of the community have become actively involved… all to demonstrate that we can come together as a community for a common project that significantly improves the place in which we live.

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