Approx 100m west of the North Haven Baths. Funding has been obtained from the PMHC – MOVE, EAT, LIVE, WELL Program 2013/14.

A $13,300grant through the 2013 Move, Eat, Live, Well program of PMHC was obtained to go towards the North Haven Fitness Installation. In-principle approval has been obtained from PMHC and purchase orders of $7,400 have been placed for three pieces of fitness equipment. Quotes for steel fabrication are being finalised and the Men’s Shed have been briefed in preparation to start assembly. The History, Environment and Aboriginal Culture teams are developing the Signage Panel stories and artwork, in conjunction with graphic designer/B2B volunteer Steve Martin and we are ideally looking towards installation in Aug/Sept 2014. This will be a terrific asset for the North Haven community.


NorthHaven Installation 1



NorthHaven Installation 2



NorthHaven Installation 3




Funding has been obtained under the PLACEMAKING Project 2013/14

Funding of $18,500 has been obtained from PMHC under the 2013/14 Placemaking Project to be applied to the Dunbogan Reserve works. This is to be coupled with a community ‘in-kind’ contribution estimated at $24,700 – totalling $43,200 worth of works. The majority of this funding will go towards producing a 192 metre length of footpath 2.4m wide along the length of the Dunbogan Reserve. Beautification works including entry signage, landscaped garden beds, native plantings, children’s handprints, and sculptural pieces are also included. We are nearly ready to commence work in the Reserve.

Dunbogan Reserve 1



Dunbogan Reserve 3


Dunbogan Reserve 2




Funding is currently be sought for this project

Two grants have been sought to fund the 93m length of footpath through Apex Park. This aims to connect the down ramp at the end of the Dunbogan Bridge to the Fisherman’s Co-op – effectively completing the link of Dunbogan to Laurieton. The grants seek to obtain up to $13,000 with an in-kind community contribution estimated at $11,000 – totalling $24,000 worth of works… which includes a small component for a historical/environmental ‘sculptural’ sign.

To finalise the Apex Park connection, plans for the down ramp off the Dunbogan Bridge into Laurieton have been designed by civil engineer/B2B volunteer – Brad Farr from Mid Coast Engineering.   A big thank you to Brad for generously offering his time and expertise here.


Apex Park






Area D2 surveying and design.

The next section of pathway identified for design works was Dunbogan – D2 – between Camden Haven Landscape Centre and the Dunbogan Boatshed. A route was marked out in conjunction with a PMHC landscape architect and their senior Arborist. This has been generously surveyed by a local surveyor/B2B volunteer Greg Mitchell and is currently being superimposed onto satellite imagery.

A significant challenge of the D2 segment exists between the two entrances to Longworth Rd. This 160 metre section of road is tightly constricted by mangroves on both sides – existing pedestrian access is non-existent and this section is particularly dangerous. The original design intention here was to select the path of least resistance through the mangroves on the northern side – with some regrettable mangrove removal required.

Consultation with representatives of the Environment group sparked the idea of skirting this entire mangrove section with a boardwalk out and over the river – hugging the tidal-line beside the mangroves. Further investigation into this potential route revealed a fantastic opportunity for gaining a beautiful section of Riverwalk that offers access to a new stretch of the river’s edge and unique views across to Laurieton.

The next priority for the design team is to examine the link between the D2 section and the Tip Rd upgrade – in the Bay St area. This is a problematic area with a major culvert and tight pedestrian access. Resolution of this area will complete the connection from the Dunbogan Boatshed to Laurieton.